Vishnu Corp provides high-performance and volume middleware solutions that link complex SAP and non-SAP environments. We are expertise in DataStage, Data Services, SSIS, Informatica, SAP PI and SAP SOA oriented applicatoins. Provide clients with an offer to deliver the end-to-end services required to develop and unit test the Interface Integration requirements as supplied.


  • Provide IT and Business Alignments
  • Easy to use and technology is transparent
  • Provide low coupling and self-described interfaces
  • Performant applications
  • Easy Harmonization and unified interfaces
  • Integration solutions will provide ongoing support to ensure business continuity
  • Provide specific data bureau, data steward and reporting bureaus in Integration service model
  • Provide high visibility on integration components across all systems/landscapes to reduce extraneous/redundant information
  • A common methodology and standard hardware/software infrastructure will be used for application integration projects
  • Create robust integration catalogue framework including design patterns.
  • Provide flexible/scalable/tolerant integration framework/structures
  • Define the EA Principles with rationale and implications to follow strictly on interface design will be monitored/controlled through centralised metadata management.
  • Integration solutions will ensure that all authentication, authorisation, and privacy requirements are met.
  • ETL solutions (DataStage, Data Services, SSIS, Informatica)

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