Our approach

Companies can’t afford to take chances on their core business systems so they need to be sure that their IT investments are not built on shifting sands.

At the same time, SAP infrastructure has become more and more complex as the underlying technology has evolved. For example, there are many new deployment and architecture options available.

The simplistic silo deployments of SAP R3 are a thing of the past. Today, SAP has to work with non-SAP products. It must guarantee high availability and dependable disaster recovery. It will probably run on a virtualised, on-demand infrastructure.

Vishnu Corp's UK-based SAP experts understand that this demands a solid technical foundation to ensure availability, security and cost-effectiveness.

Vishnu Corp gives you:

  • Infrastructure design of SAP and the underlying platform
  • Installation, configuration, and integration of SAP products
  • SAP upgrades, migration and technology refresh
  • Strategies for high availability, disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Versioning and change management for SAP and non-SAP products
  • Support for multiple concurrent projects and on-going support
  • Health checks, troubleshooting and system optimisation
  • Enterprise monitoring and alerting systems
  • Design and review of operational support procedures
  • On-site and remote environment support, including web-based service desk
  • SOA infrastructure deployment

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